Tutorial 14 Mechanisms of Hypoxemia Part 2

This tutorial explains ventilation perfusion mismatch. It will provide you with a platform for understanding oxygen therapy – which I introduce towards the end. I also deal with the concept of oxygen induced hypercarbia. I guarantee you will learn something.  

Contents of This Tutorials:

Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships

Gravity and Blood and Gas Distribution Through the Lungs

Gas and Blood Distribution Through Diseased Lungs

Simplistic Ventilation-Perfusion From Dead Space to Shunt

Stale Gas Within Alveoli

Ventilation Perfusion Relationships – Slimy, Soggy and Stick Alveolar Units

Supplemental Oxygen Therapy For Bronchopneumonia

“Targeted Oxygen Therapy”

When Does Oxygen Therapy Fail? [Shunt]

COPD Flair

Why Does Hyperoxia Cause Hypercarbia (VQ mismatch theory)

The Haldane Effect