ccmtutorials.org is written and edited by Pat Neligan. He is an Consultant Anesthesiologist and Intensive Care specialist at Galway University Hospitals (Ireland) and Honorary Professor of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care at University of Galway. He trained in medicine, anaesthesiology and intensive care in Ireland, in the 1990s and underwent fellowship training in critical care at Duke University and University of Pennsylvania, USA, in 2000 and 2001. He was on staff at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania from 2002 to 2008, until the pull of home brought him back to Ireland. He has edited 3 editions of “An Evidence Based Practice of Critical Care” with his friend and mentor, Cliff Deutschman.

ccmtutorials.org has evolved from two earlier websites 4um.com (1990s) and ccmtutorials.com (2000-10s) both of which received millions of visits when active.

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