Announcing Mechanical Ventilation Course

I have received quite a lot of feedback over the years regarding the original ccmtutorials website and what is apparent to me is that the Mechanical Ventilation Tutorials were unfailingly popular.
Fortunately I have delivered quite a few Mechanical Ventilation lectures and tutorials over the past few years. I have redone, reworked and rethought all of this material through and now I am announcing a new version of the Mechanical Ventilation Tutorials for the 2020s. The tutorials will start to stream this week.

The first part of the course is titled: “Setting Up A Mechanical Ventilator” and this contains four tutorials.
1. Ventilator Control: Volume Control and Pressure Control
2. Flow Patterns
3. Triggering
4. Cycling
Please follow these tutorials sequentially – you might think you know a lot about mechanical ventilation; you do not.
Here is the intro spiel to the first module of the course:
If you have ever sat into an unfamiliar car – a rental car or a new car for example – you need to take some time to figure out the controls. How does it start ? Manual or Automatic? Left or right sided drive? Where is the hand break – lever or button? The lights? The wipers? The de-mister? The radio? How you connect your phone etc. Before you ever put a patient onto a ventilator you need to understand how the machine works and how to set it up. This tutorial will look at the basics of setting up a ventilator – and this is essential material. Do not skip onto the next tutorial until you have learned this material.

(note I haven’t forgotten the fluid course – Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia to feature soon).

Pat Neligan Jan 2023

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